This course includes more than 10 hours of written, audio and visual content and features more than 25 podcast interviews of at least 20 minutes with sportswriters who share their tips, tools and techniques for securing jobs.

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  Your future in sportswriting
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Ready to watch your sportswriting career take off?

With the help of more than 25 of the country's top sportswriters, I've designed a course that will give young professionals, college students and high schoolers the tools to improve their skills, revamp their résumés and stand out in the hiring process.

Learn how to report and write different types of sports stories from masters of the craft, identify, develop and leverage your personal brand and land your next sportswriting job.

Are you ready to make an investment in yourself?

Our comprehensive 18-chapter course is perfect for sportswriters who want to:

  • Get tips on how to develop sources and break news that you won't learn in journalism school
  • Learn practical advice from award-winning sportswriters who make their coverage stand out from the crowd
  • Understand how to network in sports media, secure job interviews and jump to the top of the field

There's no better time to start climbing the ladder than right now! Join us and turn your vision of a future in sportswriting into reality.

Welcome, I’m Kerry Crowley

I've spent the last eight years covering college and pro sports and mastering the skills journalists need to succeed in the digital age. I'm here to teach you what you won't learn in journalism school and to share practical advice from a team of experts who consistently shine in a competitive industry.