Ready to land your next job or internship?

With tips, advice and guidance from more than 25 professional sportswriters, you'll learn how to polish your journalism skills, appeal to editors and how to differentiate yourself in a competitive hiring process.

Hi, I’m Kerry Crowley

With the help of more than 25 professional sportswriters, I built a one-of-a-kind course flagship course designed to help you land your next job or internship in this competitive field.

In "Your Future In Sportswriting," you'll learn how to stand out from the crowd, tell more compelling stories and use practical interviewing skills to climb your way up the ladder.

If you want to start small and still improve your game, I built "The basics of adding value in sportswriting," to show aspiring writers how to think differently about storytelling and produce work that makes you a more attractive candidate to hiring managers and editors.

Regardless of where you set your goals, I'm here to help you reach them.